Finding a Goood Plastic Surgeon in Winnipeg

There are tons of benefits of plastic surgery. It not only helps you look good, but it helps you feel good as well. Most people who get plastic surgery are people who have low self esteem issues. If you are able to make yourself feel better would you. There are a broad number of procedures that you can get done to yourself. To name some there is rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation. All these procedures you can get done in modern society.

Finding a plastic surgeon is one thing but find a good one is another. You want to make sure anything to modify to your body is going to be done by someone who knows what theyre doing. You would not bring your car to a shady mechanic. So why would you go to a shady plastic surgeon. At they have a list of the best plastic surgeons in every province and city so if you are looking to get a procedure done. Make sure you are picking someone who is recognized and who is going to do the best work possible.

If you need done plastic surgery in winnipeg there are a lot of doctors that are tested but make sure you get someone that has been to that doctor before your consultation.

Review of best dj gear for beginners

So you are new to the whole dj world right, and you have just came from edc, or ultra, and now you want to be like diplo or tiesto. When youre in luck because we are going to show you how to do that. We have gathered the information you need to get started in this world of djs. Youre are going to need to learn the basics first like how to actually play your songs, how to mix them and how to beat match them. You are also going to need to know what kind of dj you are going to be. A dj job can be your full time gig and with the help of us we can show you how.


But before you get a gig you are going to need some gear. We have compiled a list of dj gear that we think is going to get you the best results right away. For gear the things youre going to need are, your dj controller, headphones, speaker monitors, a laptop, and a bunch of other stuff as well. But were going to start with the most basic of them all. what is the Best dj controller for beginners. We did a short review for all of these and this is what we came up with.


Heres our top 3:

Traktor S2

Numark mixdeck

Hercules DJ Console RMX2

You can purchase all these on amazon. There 3 controllers were reviewd on price, performance and quality. So without further ado lets get into this.


Traktor S2

The s2 wins this list because of the awesome build quality and the software, at a heavy price point though this is going to be kind of a long term deal. This controller has more features then the rest and is well suited to bring you past the beginner phase.


Numark mixdeck


This comes second because the build quality isnt that great and its only going to be a beginner set.

Hercules controller

This is last because its still an awesome controller and you can do pretty much everything with this but the build quality isnt there.


and that concludes our review for our dj controlers, check out a more in depth review at