The Birth of the Bloods


The 1960s were a flourishing time for the gang movement. They witnessed the birth of the Crips and Bloods.

The blood affiliation was started on Piru Street. Sylvester Scott and Vincent Owens started the bloods. One of the first gangs was the Westside Piru Boys. The bloods grew substantiaclly because of the huge beef with the Compton Crips and the Compton Pirus. Because of this feud the Pirus were outnumbered and were beaten badly.

Due to this beating, all non crip gangs started to form an alliance together. This alliance is what grew to be what we know as the bloods today.

In this article we will go over the birth and roots of the Bloods, most of these facts can also be found at

History of the Bloods

The gang we now know as the Bloods started off on Piru Street in Compton. Thats why most bloods these days call themselves Piru as well.

Some of the first original Piru Gangs were the: Brims, Bounty Hunters, Mad Swans, and Black P Stones, just to name a few. These gangs are now Blood affiliated and have bloods following there gang name.

Blood Gang Sign

The blood sign is synonymous with the letter “B”most gang members will throw up the B with their fingers to signify their relation and affiliation with the gang.

Most blood gang members wear red as well, the red represents their blood affiliation. Some Piru street gangs will wear maroon as well, or darker shades of red.

Some blood gangs will wear other colors like green, for example the Lime Hood Pirus, who are bloods, but wear green to represent Lime Hood.

Bloods say hello to each other by greeting them by “blood” or “b”. When writing all bloods never use the “C”, so if they are spelling out “block” they will spell it as “blokk”.

It is also common to replace all “C’s” with “B’s”, example, they say, bicking back being bool, meaning kicking back being cool.


Get started as a boxer

Boxing is a great source of cardio and great for building premium muscles. The good thing about boxing is you can do it at home and at a gym. The only things you need to get started are punching bags, which you can get here. Boxing gloves, which you can find out more about here and maybe some space to throw some good combos and punches. Here are some other tips to get you started as a boxer.

Boxing for Noobs

The key to getting good at boxing, is increasing your stamina. The only way you will be able to increase your stamina, is by skipping rope and punching a heavy bag. There are tons of boxing drills online that you can use to get into the groove and learn how to box. I would recommend starting with basic combos and drills to get you into the rhythm.

After you develop your stamina, you should work on your punching power. Believe in or not, but punching power does not come from your arms and hands. It comes from practicing your form and throwing punches using your hips and core.

boxing drills

Take a look at this picture, it shows the key exercises to increasing your stamina and power. Everything comes from your legs and core, that is why you need to train them long and hard.

Type of Gear

Everyone knows that in order to be a champion you must have champion gear. So here are some recommendations of the best type of boxing gear you can buy.

Heavy Bags

Heavy bags are a staple in boxing training, there are no shortcuts with them, they are heavy and tough so it makes it hard for you. Check out some title heavy bags. I think they make some of the best bags in the business.

Skipping Ropes

Also another staple in boxing. Skipping is crucial if you want to build strong legs and great for cardio and stamina. Include a rope into your training regimen, to keep you solid.

Thats pretty much it, it doesnt take a lot to start, its low cost and a very effective way to get into shape. Try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes.

Best Dodge Ram Accessories

Dodge Ram parts

The new dodge ram is becoming a very popular truck now. You see them everywhere you go now. Its a beautiful truck which has amazing features and functions. Its also a very fast and quick truck. Like most trucks you are able to customize it to your liking. There are a bunch of different accessories you can get for you truck. Here are some of the most popular accessories that you can get for your new Dodge Ram.

Best Accessories for your Dodge Ram Truck

Fender Flares: These are probably one of the best and most popular truck mods you can do. If you have ever seen an offroad lifted truck, than you have probably seen them with fender flares on it. Fender flares add a great style to your truck, they make it look more aggressive and look more manly. The best fender flares for Dodge Rams are the bushwacker fender flares, they are the most durable and best quality made fender flares on the market now.

Lift kits: Another really popular modification you can get for your dodge ram, is a lift kit or leveling kit. Depending on what you lift kit you get, depends on how high your ram gets lifted. There are some really mild ones that only lift it 2 inches but you can go as high as you want, depending on how much you want to spend of course. Lift kits look amazing and also make your truck look more aggressive.

Big Tires: Big tires are a must when shopping for the best truck parts. They complete the overall offroad look that most people go for and make the truck look a lot more cooler.

Importance of getting you ducts cleaned

One important aspect of living a progressive and healthy life is making sure every aspect of your life is secured and healthy. Just because you cant see it doesnt mean they are not there.

When it comes to cleaning your house, a lot of people forget about the ducts and the ventilation. They think “out of sight, out of mind” well that is the wrong attitude. The bacteria in your ducts can cause a lot of harm to you and your loved ones. Build up of dust and other particles get sucked into your ducts and get spread throughout your house.

Built up Dust in Air Ducts

How can you Prevent this?

There are companies in every city that can clean out and sanitize your vents for you. By calling them you can help make your life better and healthier.

Why Clean your vents?

Health benefits: Heating, ventillation and air conditioning have been known to collect a lot of different contaminants that have potential health benefits, such as mold, fungus and bacteria. By cleaning your vents regularly you remove these contaminants from your system.

Energy Benefits: Research has shown that HVAC system cleanings allow systems to operate more efficiently by removing excess debris from mechanical systems. Clean systems are less likely to break down, have a longer service life, and generally work more effectively than dirty systems with a lot of build up.

When should you get your air ducts cleaned

You should think about getting your ducts cleaned if there is visible mold present, if you have vermin like rodents or insects, clogged systems, if construction was recently done.

Cleaning your ducts is a good way to live a healthy and progressive lifestyle. We like to preach living healthy and this is an important step to doing so.

This video explains how to properly get your air ducts clean, it shows a professional getting the job done.

Best Ergonomic chair for back pain

A lot of people work desk jobs and sit at their desk for 8+ hours a day. That alone is enough torture. What makes that worse is some jobs do not care about their employees enough to get comfortable chairs. Either they don’t have it in the budget or they don’t care.

To make your life easier at work, you should try to ask your boss to buy some ergonomic office chairs.

Ergonomic Chair diagram

How can ergonomic office chairs improve your life?

Well the benefits of having an ergonomic office chair is, it doesn’t put your body under stress normal chairs would do. It alines everything perfectly so you are not reaching or stretching your body in ways it shouldn’t.

How can Ergonomic Office Chairs Improve Performance

Feeling better at work, is in direct correlation to working better. If you are more comfortable at work you can be more productive and thus perform better. Often companies dont look at the benefits of these ergonomic chairs because of the higher price tag. Offices need to start looking at investing into ergonomic chairs because it will mean better performance from the employees.

Benefits Of Ergonomic chairs

The best ergonomic office chairs give you support to the lower back and the upper neck, which is needed for computer users to avoid back injuries and other injuries. Adjustable ergonomic chairs provide optimal degree of vision so you dont strain your eyes or neck. They also have great cushioning and are very comfortable.


Dont put your body in all that pain from work, invest in yourself and buy an ergonomic chair that will help you perform better and will help you to prevent injuries and strains.

Getting better work boots

Do you find yourself having back pains, and that your feet hurt at the end of your work day? Your work boots might be the cause of this issue. A lot of people dont understand the importance of having good work boots. They usually think any pair of work boots is going to suffice. This is not the case, as you probably are aware.

Best Work Boots

So how do we fix this? Easy, just follow our tips on buying work boots.

First tip for choosing a boot is, dont look at the price. People shy away from higher quality boots because of the price. This is the worst thing that you could possibly do to yourself. Cheap work boots have no support and dont last long. You will be throwing money down the drain and creating more issues with your back and feet since they dont offer support. More expensive boots are more money but they give you the needed support for your back and feet. Thats the whole reason your back and feet hurt anyway isnt it?

Second tip for choosing a boots is, try them on first! No matter what anyone says or recommends, the best fitting boot is the boot that fits you the best. No amount of cushioning or padding will make a boot fit better. It all depends on the person that is wearing the boot.

Third tip on buying work boots is, make sure your buying a boot that is going to suit your needs. Dont buy boots that are made for welding, when you are doing underground water main and sewer work. Some people don’t read labels and are so quick to buy the first thing they see.

Those are my best tips to learning how to get the best safety work boots.



How to be Aesthetic like Zyzz

ZyzzHave you ever heard the term “Zyzz Bro”? Its a very popular phrase among young lifters, especially the aesthetic revolution. To get aesthetic and look like Zyzz you have to be grinding in the gym day in and day out. Working out must be a huge part of your life if you want to reach your goals of becoming a fitness god.

To understand how to look like zyzz, we must first look at who Zyzz was. Zyzz was a hero to most people because of what he was about. He stood for being the best person you could be and being great at it. He started the aesthetic revolution and he coined a popular phrase. Thats some crazy stuff. He was also into partying and loved DJing.

Rumor has it, that he died because of a steroid cycle he was on. But we wont get into that here. Im sure you can find other articles on that.

So how do we get aesthetic like him?

Working out daily and getting gains is what we want to achieve here. So lifting heavy with proper form and not just chucking weights around is a key to success. You need to first ask yourself if this is something that you really want. If you are able to put that amount of work in at the gym and reach your goals. Zyzz workouts are very tough and really test your abilities mentally and physically. They are not for the faint of heart. This leads into our next point diet and supplementation.

Diet and supplementation is very important. Your body needs fuel in it when doing such extreme workouts. If you are not getting the proper amount of calories and macros. There isnt much point of working out so hard. You wont get the same amount of gains you would if you were just working out and not eating right. You need to give yourself the proper nutrition. Macros are important as well, you should be counting your macros and always stay on top of your diet.

These key things if followed correctly will get you in god like shape and ready to show off your awesome body. For more workout guides check out

Benefits of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Do you have hardwood flooring in your home? If so, have you noticed that it has started to lose its sparkle? Perhaps, no matter what you do, the floor simply looks dull and faded. Maybe the hardwood is covered in dents, gauges and scratches, and seems virtually impossible to get clean. If these scenarios sound familiar, you should definitely consider taking advantage of hardwood floor refinishing. In this post we are going to reveal all of the benefits of doing so… remember always remember to wear safety boots while working on floors

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There is only one place to begin and this is with the fact that hardwood floor refinishing is much cheaper and less time consuming than opting for the installation of a new floor. When homeowners start to notice that their floor has deteriorated in quality they tend to assume that the only option is to have a new floor installed. However, this definitely is not the case. Instead, you can opt for a refinishing service, which will leave your floor looking as good as new, however you will have spent a lot less money and the service will take less of your time too. This ensures little disturbance to your everyday life.

Hardwood floor refinishing is also a great way to increase the value of your home, whether you are planning to sell in the immediate future or later on. It can also make your home much more attractive to potential buyers. Not only will they love the appearance of it, but also they know that they will not have to go through the hassle and extra cost of having a new floor installed.

In addition, you can also completely change the appearance of your floor with hardwood floor refinishing. If you have re-decorated your home or simply grown tired with the appearance of your floor, refinishing gives you the opportunity to create an entirely new look without having to have a floor installed. There are so many different finishes and stains to choose from – the possibilities are endless.

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Not only will you improve the appearance of your floor by investing in a refinishing service but you will enhance the quality of it as well. One common problem with old floors is gauges, scratches and worst of all, splinters. You certainly don’t want to stand on a splinter with a bare foot. A quality refinishing service will ensure the floor is smoothed so there is no chance of this happening. You also reduce the chance of their being any break down in the floor or it becoming a harbor for termites and other pests.

When you take all of the points that have been mentioned into consideration, it is not difficult to see why so many people are turning towards top quality hardwood floor refinishing as the ideal solution for their home. If you have had hardwood flooring in your home for many years this is definitely a recommended option.

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Find A Locksmith in Winnipeg

Imagine a scenario where you and your family have arrived home from a long trip and you find you have been locked out of your house? Moreover, you don’t have a reliable and trustworthy locksmith who can help you out or you don’t have locksmith phone number in your contact list, what will you do? This is why you need to have a reliable,efficient, dependable, trustworthy and professional locksmith who can complete the task to your satisfaction.
Tips to find a reliable locksmiths Winnipeg.Word of mouth. Word of mouth is the best advertising tool. There are locksmiths who have worked with your friends and family members and have proved to be reliable and dependable to work with. Ask them so that they can give you reference on the best locksmith. In addition, be careful on the people you ask, asking strangers can affect your home security.
Find a local locksmith. The world is digital, any locksmith company can write a street address on their websites or directories making you think they are operating locally. Confirm online that the phone number matches with the street address or you can drive to that place yourself. If the company doesn’t have a store there, then they are mobile businesses that attempt to gain numerous customers. Avoid them, because they quote a higher price than the local ones since they incur traveling costs.
Ask for identification. Immediately a locksmith arrives at your residential premises, ask for identification. You can also confirm these by looking at the vehicle they are using or the invoice, they usually have companies’ logo. On top of that, you will expect the locksmith to ask you your identification too. This is meant to confirm that you are the real owner of the property that requires locksmithing services.
Find a reliable locksmith before an emergency. To avoid cases of rushing for locksmiths who are neither inexperienced nor reliable, start searching for a dependable locksmith earlier. Look for one, keep their contact in your phone and you are always prepared.
Ensure the company is licensed and insured. A question may arise; what is the need of all these qualifications? No need. Will you be comfortable if the company has them? Definitely you will. A company that is insured confirms that your property is protected from any damage and if any damage is incurred, liability rests on another party. A company that is licensed proves that they have qualified and experienced professionals.
Are you waiting for an emergency to occur? Find a locksmith you can trust today and avoid cases of rushing for unreliable locksmiths during an emergency. to find locksmiths near you

Review of best dj gear for beginners

So you are new to the whole dj world right, and you have just came from edc, or ultra, and now you want to be like diplo or tiesto. When youre in luck because we are going to show you how to do that. We have gathered the information you need to get started in this world of djs. Youre are going to need to learn the basics first like how to actually play your songs, how to mix them and how to beat match them. You are also going to need to know what kind of dj you are going to be. A dj job can be your full time gig and with the help of us we can show you how.

But before you get a gig you are going to need some gear. We have compiled a list of dj gear that we think is going to get you the best results right away. For gear the things youre going to need are, your dj controller, headphones, speaker monitors, a laptop, and a bunch of other stuff as well. But were going to start with the most basic of them all. what is the Best dj controller for beginners. We did a short review for all of these and this is what we came up with.

Best Beginner DJ Controller Review

Heres our top 3:

Traktor S2

Numark mixdeck

Hercules DJ Console RMX2

You can purchase all these on amazon. There 3 controllers were reviewd on price, performance and quality. So without further ado lets get into this.

Traktor S2

The s2 wins this list because of the awesome build quality and the software, at a heavy price point though this is going to be kind of a long term deal. This controller has more features then the rest and is well suited to bring you past the beginner phase.


Numark mixdeck


This comes second because the build quality isnt that great and its only going to be a beginner set.

Hercules controller

This is last because its still an awesome controller and you can do pretty much everything with this but the build quality isnt there.


and that concludes our review for our dj controlers, check out a more in depth review at